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Australian employees are urged to obtain Criminal Checks

Recently, the auditor-general of Victoria stated that organisations should develop “well-designed policies and procedures” to reduce the risks in recruitment. It can be foreseen that most employers will perform a criminal history check on you when applying for a new role. This blog is to help you better understand what a national criminal check is and how it protects you and the business.


First thing first: What is a national criminal history check?


A national criminal history check is also called a police check or police clearance certificate.


A criminal check involves identifying and releasing any relevant Australian Federal Police information subject to relevant spent convictions, non-disclosure legislation and information release policies. Each of these police checks can only be undertaken with the informed consent of the person being checked.


Why should a business conduct criminal checks?


Performing national criminal checks on employees is a win-win conduct. The employer or business is showing awareness on safety and due diligence. It indicates that the business values their staff, team culture and reputation.


We summarised the Top 5 benefits of conducting criminal checks:

  1. Protect assets and data of the organisation
  2. Protect the safety of staff and employees
  3. Protect company’s reputation
  4. Safeguarding the Organization’s Culture
  5. Attract and retain high performing workers

How can you obtain a national police check?


There are many ways to apply for a national police check or national police history check. In this blog we will show you the procedure to get your check online.


Australian National Character Check is an ACIC accredited police check provider that provides services nationwide, including

  • Police Check South Australia (SA)
  • Police Check Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Police Check New South Wales (NSW)
  • Police Check Queensland (QLD)
  • Police Check Victoria (VIC)
  • Police Check Western Australia (WA)
  • Police Check Northern Territory (NT)
  • Police Check Tasmania (TAS)
  • National Police Check

Simply go to the official website by typing Australian National Character Check on Google and you will be guided step by step to complete the application.